Deadmau5 took the stage at UMass Lowell’s Tsongas Center Monday night (Apr. 10), but not before responding to an apparently disparaging tweet from one of the venue’s employee’s. Known only as “Dan,” the employee said something on Twitter that caught Joel’s eye and off to war he went.

“You might as well go home before we find you,” wrote Deadmau5 in response. Well apparently he was found rather quickly, as 11 minutes later, Deadmau5 wrote, “Well that was easy. Dan, word of advice for your drive home, stay in your lane. And don’t shit tweet the acts and fans who pay your bills.”

Unfortunately, the original tweet from Dan has been deleted, but one user seemed to catch it. It basically said, “if you’re seeing Deadmau5 tonight we’re laughing at you for going,” wrote @noahhermanson7.

See it all go down below:


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