JR Jarris is coming out with an EP in a month titled Second Nature. Producing some laid-back hits has obviously become second nature for the young producer. His most recent collaboration with ACE was intended for the EP, but didn’t quite make the cut. “What Would You Do” is a pleasant surprise nonetheless and makes me excited for the forthcoming EP.

A flawless flip of Justin Timeberlake’s “My Love”, the track starts with a simple drum pattern with effects that give it a lo-fi 80s feel, effectively giving the track a nostalgic feel. Pitched down Timberlake vocals are introduced as some simple saw waves begin playing jazz inspired, lush chords. The verse of “My Love” comes in as the beat is re-introduced with an infectious melody and the familiar lush, jazzy chords we know from earlier. The track is extremely danceable and will make you want to move and groove.

Take a listen below: