Spotify announced this week that the service would be launching a chat feature and bot service similar to the Facebook Messenger app, allowing users to interact with the streaming service and friends like never before.

According to a statement released by Spotify, the bot will be able to deliver playlist recommendations based on “mood, activity, or genres.” From within the Messenger app, friends can search for music material alongside each other without ever leaving the application. They will also be able to preview 30-second clips directly from the app.

“The Spotify bot for Messenger will serve up playlist recommendations based on mood, activity, or genres. With the associated Messenger Chat Extensions feature, people can search and share Spotify songs, albums, and playlists directly with friends without ever leaving the Messenger app. For the first time ever, friends on the other end will be able to preview 30-second clips directly within the Messenger app or visit the Spotify app to listen in full”.


H/T: EDMTunes