For a long time Spotify’s analytics tool for artists, Fan Insights, was only available to verified artists. Now, if you were signed to a label, or had a management team that was in contact with the right people getting verified was a piece of cake. Now if you were an average SoundCloud producer, getting verified was a tedious process that involved getting 250 people to “follow” your artist account and then filling out a form online which usually took weeks to get through if you didn’t have a direct contact to push that through for you.

Now, Spotify is leveling the playing field for artists everywhere to gain the unique and valuable insight provided through Fan Insights by taking the tool out of beta and making it publicly available for all artists and management teams and rebranding it to Spotify for Artists. 

If you were previously a Spotify Fan Insights user than the tools and data will remain familiar to you – despite the revamped UI. If you’ve just been granted access you’ll see detailed insights into your audiences with breakdowns ranging from playlists where your music is most streamed from, monthly listeners in various regions overall and on a per song basis, average retention of your listeners on a daily or ‘regular’ basis and so much more. Plus, you can also catch your cover photo and profile picture directly from the tool.

Learn more about the tool here and request access here if you haven’t done so already!