Instagram is taking action against bots that auto populate likes and comments for promotion purposes, by killing Instagress, the first of many other possible shut downs…

Popular DJs have been known to use these services to target fan bases and accounts with similar tastes in music and events to spark interest in their own brands.

Exhibit A: Marshmello

Exhibit B: Jauz

Exhibit C: Flosstradamus

That’s not saying these guys specifically use Instagress, nor am I trying to target these guys, as I appreciate them all as artists. But, each of them have targeted me personally through such social media bots, e.g., “I’m just a lonely Marshmello.”

When I first received that notification I thought, “Ok cool this guy actually checks out tags on Instagram and likes to comment random stuff on people’s videos.” Then, it happened again and I knew that it was too good to be true — the work of a bot.

The problem with the bots are that they can build fake relationships with new fans, and turn off real fans (opinion piece here and plenty of examples here). Good move, Instagram.

H/T: EDM Sauce