It’s not the first time Blink 182’s gotten their own dance music remix, but it’s a rarity to hear it done as well and as differently as this. Not to mention, it’s more than intimidating to approach a track as classic as “All The Small Things,” but that hasn’t stopped Justin Caruso.

In this delectable dose of nostalgia, heaving percussion rolls are kept organic, and the track’s classic background is re-imagined into a future bass dreamscape sure to elicit some impromptu head bobbin’. And I wasn’t going to say it, but that stamping kick is a wee bit reminiscent of Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl,” but I’m not complaining. Just like old times, Caruso’s throwing this one to fans as a freebie.

Also, Caruso just got picked up by Los Angeles’ CAA, so you can be sure he’s got a juicy tour schedule for the coming months, including a performance at Milwaukee’s acclaimed Summerfest alongside The Chainsmokers. In case you missed his first original, catch up on it here, and don’t miss out on the next Justin Caruso original releasing May 12th.