ZHU is becoming the master of dark and twisted imagery, as we saw with his recent release “Nightcrawler,” and with his chilling remix for the new Gorillaz song “Andromeda” — and again with his latest teaser!

The mysterious producer shared the clip of what we’re believing to be a new single called “Intoxicate,” and it’s bound to send chills up your spine. The Facebook post also includes a cryptic message “everythingisblack” whilst the video teases his upcoming BLACKLIZT warehouse project that will walk on the deeper, darker side of house.

If this teaser is any indicator of what’s to come — “Intoxicate” is going to be a strange, chic track!

Check out the freaky mannequin fetish teaser vid below, and if you’re into these dark vibes you might want to see what ZHU’s BLACKLIZT is all about, as the first show kicks off in NYC on June 24th.

Blacklizt NYC 6.24


Posted by ZHU on Wednesday, May 3, 2017