There are three fairly well known music production schools that cater mostly toward electronic music. They are: Icon Collective, Point.Blank, and Dubspot. With reference to the last, it seems that Dubspot is in a spot of trouble as over 50 students have joined in a collective email chain to voice their concerns over unfulfilled promises and money lost. Specifically, teachers and students have accused CEO Dan Giove of “fraudulent activities and erratic behavior,” according to the first in a series of articles expected from THUMP.

The trouble allegedly began when Giove decided to expand from their flagship physical location in New York into a second location in Los Angeles. His staff warned him against this, citing insufficient funds to make the transition, but he didn’t listen. Soon, apparently, the school went into disarry.

THUMP reports that both the Los Angeles and New York locations are currently closed. One student who visited the NYC location told THUMP that the space was in total disarray. “There was hardly any equipment there anymore and I was offended by a guy who was [at the school], and rudely asked me to leave.” Luckily, this student was able to get her money back.

But many others are still in the throes of a legal battle with Dubspot ranging from $150-$10,000. Meanwhile, the school’s online chapter is still collecting fees from new students as recently as April 2017.

For anyone looking for a reliable online course for music production, steer clear of Dubspot.

You can read the full story from David Garber on THUMP here.