Feed Me is back with mau5trap for the first time since 2012, and he’s back in a big, big way. Billboard already premiered the title track from the EP two days ago, and now we’re here to bring you our favorite track from the release.

Yeah, it would have been easier to pick up the Kill The Noise collab for social media points, but “Starcrash” has that raw and engaging Feed Me sound that we fell in love with back at Feed Me’s Big Adventure so long ago. Even better than that, it has that twinge of electro and techno to it to make it all the more salacious.

The song starts out with a rolling bassline and loop, briefly interposing some heavily textured synths to break up the monotony. As the track begins to crescendo, you get a feeling of impending awesomeness and that feeling is not betrayed.

Feed Me’s Existential Crisis is out this Friday, May 19. But you can listen to “Starcrash” right now below.