It’s only every so often that you get an EP in your inbox that truly blows you away with every single track. When I received Capacity Frontier from Woofax, I got that tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach… the one you get at the top of a roller coaster right as it’s about to drop.

The new EP is released on KJ Sawka’s Impossible Records today, and has all the hallmarks of a classic bass EP: plenty of wubs, lots of screeches, hard-hitting kicks and powerful bass. Of course, that all sounds a little simplistic and I mean for it to be – you really need to listen to the tracks to get a full idea of their immense power.

“The Egde” and “Arabian Dreams” have the potential to be instant classics; and while “Again” might turn some listeners off with the unusual vocals, the drop is one of the best things I’ve heard this year. And finally, if you’ve had a thought in the back of your head, something along the lines of, “Wait… I’ve heard this before,” then “Expound The Sound” should take care of that.

Check out Capacity Frontier below!

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