Eric Prydz shows off the “biggest holograms in the world” in a Facebook video featuring footage from his all new EPIC 5.0 show, which debuted this weekend at Creamfields Steel Yard in London.

These stunning visuals captivated the crowd over 2-hours of pure, epic bliss and mind bending tricks. The highly impressive, out-of-this-world holograms featured a DNA-like spiral, a gigantic, projected astronaut, an nebula straight from another galaxy, an orbiting satellite, and more!

Leave it to Prydz to bring out the biggest holograms ever created just for the love of his fan base!

If you weren’t there, we have the next best thing… Check out the images below, and for a more complete recap of EPIC 5.0, bounce over here.

Biggest holograms in the world!!From fans perspectives…WOW!!

Posted by Eric Prydz on Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Photos Credit: Antonio Pagano