Madeon released his debut album Adventure in 2015 to rave reviews, earning itself a #2 place on our Top 10 Albums of the year list. Today, Madeon is celebrating his 23rd birthday and thanked fans for the well wishes in a Facebook post.

He also explained his relative silence on social media, and as we might have suspected, it’s because he’s working on new music. After spending the past year devoted to the Porter Robinson & Madeon “Shelter” live show, he’s now free to work on music as much as possible and that’s never a bad thing.

He admits that his new material isn’t really anything like Adventure, but he cares about it “more than anything I’ve ever done.” Now, that definitely can’t be a bad thing…

As Madeon himself says, all in due time. Hopefully that time is sooner than later!

🎂 Thanks for the birthday wishes!!! I'm amazed by all this love !! I've been quiet because i'm immersing myself making…

Posted by Madeon on Tuesday, May 30, 2017


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