If you haven’t heard of LZ7, don’t worry, you’re not out of touch. Google describes them as a primarily Christian hip hop and dance group based out of the UK, so they occupy a distinct niche (a rather large one, at that, but a niche nonetheless). So when I was sent their new song “Give My All” and realized it was drum & bass, I hopped on it like an overeager chihuahua seeing a poodle in heat.

By all means, “Give My All” can be described as anthemic. Starting off with huge female vocals, and an instantly catchy melodic hook gives it a nostalgic and forward-facing vibe at the same time, feeling like you’ve heard this song for years and never before. As far as songwriting, the song is essentially perfect. From the hip hop verses to the massive chorus to the addictive bassline, everything is polished to an insane degree.

Pre-order is available for both “Give My All” and “Golden” now, with the release set to go live on Friday, June 2.