They brought the band back, and honestly, nothing has made our year more than this. The legends that are Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen, KJ Sawka, and Peredur ap Gwynedd made the call and with what we can only assume is the support of… well everyone, got the first world tour in 6 years to happen. There are few acts in all of music, dance, pop, country, hip hop etc, that everyone, the fans, buyers, managers, agents want to get a ticket to and watch; Pendulum is on that short list of incredible acts.

The show announcement delivers a little more than a dozen shows all across the world. The clear elephant in the room is of course, America; and with what went down in Washington today, do you blame them? Will there be a 2018 USA Pendulum Run? We can only dream as of now.

But in all seriousness, let’s allow the Drum & Bass icons who got their big break in Europe to enjoy a world tour outside of the states… for now.

If you have a savings account we suggest buying a ticket going to any one of these epic events (we’re aiming for SW4) and go have an experience of a lifetime with the guys brewing up something that resembles witchcraft.



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