Having taking a new direction with his latest track ‘Taking Me Home,’ we caught up with revered dance producer and DJ Joey Dale so he could tell us more about it.

We’d like to congratulate you and Anthony Dircson on your new track ‘Taking Me Home’ – it’s a really wonderful single. Can you tell us a little bit about the making of it?

I met Anthony through WhatsApp and email. He sent me his track to add my touch to it and I worked on it the same day. I loved the vocal and the melody, so it was really easy for me.

What was it like working with Anthony on the single? What do you admire about his style?

Anthony is a really talented producer. This was the first time I heard about him but definitely not the last time, haha. Love his chords and melodies!

Would you be keen to work together again?  

Yes for sure!

Did you know straight away the sound you both wanted to capture? How have your fans reacted to it so far?

Yes, we wanted to keep it clean and simple sound-wise. Just a guitar and a piano for the breaks and the ‘future bass’ sound in the drop. To be honest, I expected my fans to not like it, because most of my fans know me for the harder EDM sound I have been releasing on Revealed for the past 3 years. But nonetheless I got great reactions!

Where did you find influences when you’re creating new music?

Most of the time by watching livestreams, sets and listening to other DJ mixes! I love to hear and see what works at a festival and in a club, so by listening to a live set I hear the crowd too.

What is your studio set-up like right now? Do you ever write music on the road?

I’ve got 2 KRK VXT 6’s, a MacBook Pro and a forte FocusRite sound card! Simple but the VXT’s are really good. I never ever write music on the road, I simply can’t work in another place besides my own bedroom, haha.

Say you could pass on a couple of tips to your younger self just starting out as an artist… what would they be?

To enjoy every second of the amazing ride you’re going to have! Now years later I sometimes think I haven’t enjoyed everything to the max. Don’t worry too much about opinions, comments and stuff. Just do you and be happy.

 If you could name three artists/groups who have influenced you the most throughout your career so far, who would they be?

Hardwell, Martin Garrix and Swedish House Mafia.

What are your plans for the rest of 2017?

Have you got any festivals lined up that you’re especially keen for? I’m doing small tours in India and China the coming months, both of which I’m really excited about!