There are very few people that party like Ninja of Die Antwoord, which is exactly why Viceland called on him to share his unique star-studded stories on “Party Legends!”

As Ninja recalls the details of his strange relationships with Kanye West and Drake, some of it might sound familiar, because we covered the notorious “Banana Pudding” story last year… (Read: Ninja From Die Antwoord Shares the Weirdest Kanye Story We’ve Ever Heard)

Now, we have a little more background on how it all went down, and how the “Banana Pudding” story evolved from a FaceTime session with Paris Hilton, into an intense Kanye vs. Drake basketball match, into kicking it with Travis Scott, anal sex porn, and finally Kim Kardashian’s delicious dessert, and all of the weirdness that ensued along the way.

This story is out there… and to top it all off, Ninja says even after the awkward “Banana Pudding” incident, Kanye would hit him up from time to time to hang and he eventually blocked his number. Ouch.

Watch the 8-minute video below, as the South African rapper shares his wild memories and catch Party Legends on Viceland, Thursdays at 10:00 pm.