Deep house DJ Sam Feldt is calling out an opener he thought was performing in bad taste during a “Tropical Tuesday” event at Foynhagen in Norway last night… Burak Yeter, a preceding act during Sam Feldt’s recent show apparently didn’t stay in his lane, causing controversy and some heated Twitter beef that shortly followed.

The banter is quite telling, as Yeter describes that the “manager of Sam Feldt came up to the stage” and tried to stop his music on purpose “due to jealousy,” and Feldt answers back, “If you get booked to play warm up at a tropical house party at 8 pm and you play Scooter and the biggest hit of [the] DJ after you, you’re losing it.”

Opening acts don’t have it easy, as responsibilities include (but certainly aren’t limited to) setting the tone for the night, playing to the crowd, and seamlessly leading into the headlining act(s). However, somewhere in the unwritten rules of the opener’s handbook, it clearly states you should avoid playing the headliner’s biggest hit before they are able to play it out themselves.

In this case, we have to side with Feldt, who probably would have just dropped the whole thing had it not been brought up on social media.

H/T: EDM Sauce