Well this is worrying to say the very least… MDMA, a recreational drug which has become popular in the U.S., is actually the safer alternative to “Ecstasy,” but only when you’re actually dealing with the pure substance.

The Journal of Psychopharmacology has published some concerning results after the publication found MDMA is only present in about 60 per cent of what’s being sold at music festivals as Molly. DanceSafe, the non-profit harm reduction organization that shows up at events to offer safe, free, and non-judgemental drug testing offered up 529 ‘Molly’ samples for the study over a 5 year period.

Unidentifiable, assorted chemicals were found with most of the pills and powders tested; 13 contained methamphetamine, and 3 contained a highly dangerous substance known as PMA.

The researchers concluded that Molly is no safer than Ecstasy — pure MDMA, which seems to be lacking in the main stream festival drug circuits, is the real deal.

This study stresses how important it is for people to test their drugs… Don’t take the added risk!

Learn more about DanceSafe, and get testing kits here.


Sources: MixMag, Chicago Tribune