Well, here you have it folks. Chance The Rapper just saved Soundcloud.

While the reality of the situation is probably infinitely more nuanced, there’s no doubt that Chance’s place on Soundcloud and his influence on music at a higher level could have a positive effect on the streaming platform.

Yesterday, when nearly all of the EDM industry insiders were calling the death knell of Soundcloud, the site quietly released a statement clarifying that they were funded through Q4, and the popularized “50 day” statistic was a load of bull.

However, this didn’t stop many people from already calling time of death, possibly leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy. And then, like an angel in the night, Chance appeared…

“I’m working on the SoundCloud thing,” Chance tweeted at 11am yesterday. And apparently he did just that. The man already responsible for revitalizing much of Chicago is apparently now responsible for saving one of the biggest streaming services ever.

Praise be to our new savior, I guess.