Following the schedule of one track every Friday leading up to the official album release, Rezz is back this week with “Diluted Brains.”

It seems that Rezz has decided to stay with the horror theme, utilizing a series of staccato synth stabs – but most of all, a dastardly minor key that sticks in your mind like a Wes Craven film on steroids. And then the drop, Rezz’s most powerful weapon… a dark, minimalistic rhythm that almost feels like it’s creeping up your skin.

Playing at a rave would be almost out of the question if it wasn’t directly from Rezz herself, who no doubt meticulously crafts her sets to the utmost in order to create an atmosphere unlike any other.

“Diluted Brains” is the second single from Rezz’s forthcoming album Mass Manipulation out August 4 on mau5trap.