Kygo truly has the magic touch when it comes to music production, and his latest remix a beautiful example!

Alan Walker‘s future bass / tropical house “Tired” featuring Gavin James is like a canvas for Kygo, as he paints an intricate soundscape that wraps itself around the original lyrics and storyline. Heartfelt piano, soft, emotional synths, and delicately chopped vocals add layers to the already deep track, making it even more touching and transformative.

Just as the chorus kicks in, the “Tired” – Kygo Remix perks up, with a sudden, upbeat burst of horns and percussion making for a danceable breakdown. The sounds almost melt together and become one.

It’s the kind of remix that must be experienced, just as much as the original! Listen to Kygo’s work of art here!

Tired (Kygo Remix) – Alan Walker ft. Gavin James