Well this is probably the last thing we expected to see today…

Just a little over an hour ago, Bassnectar went on a short Twitter rant that started off in such a way that we had to do a double take.

Wait… what??

It’s no secret that a large portion of Bassnectar’s fanbase is made of wooks (just look it up on Urban Dictionary if you’re unfamiliar with the term), so to see him come out so vehemently against a subsection of a subsection of his fanbase seemed vastly out of character, not to mention the stereotype of wooks living in K holes… (Again, Urban Dictionary if you don’t know.)

However, as vitriolic as the first tweet seemed, the subsequent three in the series clarified and toned down what initially seemed to be a more spiteful stance.

Now, if you’re curious what started this, we might have an answer for you. We’re not 100% sure, but it stands to reason that some Pretty Lights fans misinterpreted a Bassnectar quote in response to another blog, River Beats.

The issue began when some of Bassnectar’s fans confused his criticism of River Beats’ wording with a non-existent criticism of Pretty Lights’ intentions.

However, other BN x PL fans stepped in to make sure people were getting the story straight.

For what it’s worth, we love our fam over at River Beats, and we too have been the object of a DJ’s ire due to poor word choice. But Bassnectar’s response to the drama from Pretty Lights fans is both inspiring and extremely, wildly strange (and super entertaining from an outside perspective).

Bassnectar calling out wooks in k holes… who woulda thought we’d see the day?

Photo via aLive Coverage