Tomorrowland Unite in Barcelona burst into flames as the crowd watched the event’s stream live from Belgium last night — and as scary as all the video footage looks, there’s nothing like seeing the blaze from the crowd’s perspective!

While many people backed up to safe zone before recording the fire, this clip (below) was taken from the ground level as the onlooking crowd slowly moved back. It was one of those situations where it’s hard to look away, but thankfully everyone managed to make it out of the venue with no injuries.

Taiwan was also scheduled to host a Tomorrowland viewing event, according to the Washington Post, but a typhoon prompted city officials in Kaohsiung to cancel all outdoor activities on Saturday.

“With this official government decision and to ensure everyone’s safety, UNITE With Tomorrowland Taiwan deeply regrets that the event in Kaohsiung City is cancelled,” festival organizers announced.

As for Tomorrowland itself, the music festival seemed to go on without a hitch.

Tomorrowland Unite Blaze

Tomorrowland Unite Official Statement

Tonight, July 29th 2017, the UNITE Barcelona stage caught fire due to a technical malfunction. Thanks to the professional intervention of the authorities all 22.000 visitors were evacuated safely and without reports of injuries. Authorities will follow up and continue the investigation with the local Spanish organizer of UNITE. – via Tomorrowland.