Diplo may be one of the most popular names in EDM, but that doesn’t mean he’s down with the scene… In an interview with GQ, the superstar DJ/producer opened up about his true feelings on the industry, and some of his comments might leave you scratching your head.

Here’s a little glimpse inside the mind of Diplo and thoughts on the genre that made him, starting with one of electronic music’s most beloved, signature events — Ultra Music Festival:

“I’m into Ultra. I grew up on it. They offered Major Lazer a headline slot on Friday night. I want to do more dance-music festivals this year, just to be involved. I skipped it the last three years — we kept away from the EDM scene, ’cause I hated it.”

Even though he has mad love for Ultra, Diplo said the vibes were off. Speaking on music festivals and DJs in general, he continued:

“They’re not fun. The music felt like it was on a loop. It felt soulless. I mean, DJs in general, the culture’s really ugly. It’s cheesy. Corny. It’s embarrassing. You know, I never wanted to be part of the DJ world. I just fell into it.”

As for Electric Daisy Carnival, he once commented that the main stage looked like “Walt Disney present[s] princess castle on crystal meth,” but that didn’t stop him from performing this year. Here’s why:

“I’m doing it again this year, because I’m trying to see if I can help steer the direction. Instead of complaining about it being cheesy, I’ll see if I can help make it better. EDM’s changing. Three years ago, they just paid everybody, because all the corporations and clubs wanted a piece of it. Now they realize only a few of us can make money for them. It’s a business. I’m just trying to be smart about it.”

Turns out, Diplo even finds his own series “What Would Diplo Do?” hard to watch, even though it pokes fun at EDM culture and the DJ lifestyle. Go figure.


Source: GQ