Dua Lipa is a fresh voice that’s destined to remain in the spotlight for some time…

Her self-titled debut album just came out this year, she’s been featured on Martin Garrix‘s staple 2017 tune “Scared to Be Lonely,” and now it looks like she’s been working with even more of EDM’s finest.

Dua Lipa x Flume

“Ridin’ dirty (cc Dua Lipa)” — Flume‘s caption is all it took to send the internet into a frenzy about collaboration speculation between the artists. While the singer and DJ/producer were just seen riding scooters together, it’s impossible to not let your mind wander, because these two would make sweet, sweet music together!

Ridin' dirty (cc Dua Lipa)

Posted by Flume on Monday, July 24, 2017

Dua Lipa x Diplo

Scooters are one thing, but DL’s caption for this one is really telling: “Salmonella in the studio Diplo.” She said, “studio” and studio time means there must be a collaboration in the works. Again, this pairing makes too much sense to not happen. Our minds are already racing with the possibilities!

Salmonella in the studio Diplo

Posted by Dua Lipa on Monday, July 24, 2017

Dua Lipa 

Check out Dua Lipa right here, and get ready to hear more from her very soon!