While it seems like KSHMR has been a fixture in EDM for a long time, the reality is that he’s only just recently started performing live. In fact, this past Friday was just his 100th show ever. One hundred shows should be a milestone for any artist, and KSHMR certainly isn’t taking the occasion lightly.

In celebration of his 100th show, he’s chosen to upload 7 mashups he’s done for his shows in South America, Central America and Spain.

All of the mashups see his biggest songs – “Tsunami,” “Bazaar,” “Toca,” “Karate,” “Won’t Stop Rockin'” – mashed up with regional hits from Chile, Paraguay, Spain, Mexico and Peru. It’s truly a grand gesture that we’re sure these countries appreciate, as we just as sure that KSHMR is a favorite artist of many people in those countries.

Check out the playlist below and bump it for all the [email protected] homies!

Estos son los mashups que he hecho en mis viajes a Sudamerica, Centroamérica y España. Espero que los disfruten. Ojalá soundcloud no los bajen

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Photo via Rukes.com