Can we talk about the shitty luck Rezz has been having with festival cancellations over this 2 week period, and the emotions that must come with her unique situation…

The last few days have gone something like this:

  1. UpNorth in Northern Michigan, which takes place next week, announced its cancellation after failing to secure a venue
  2. Moonrise in Baltimore, Maryland shut down her original set time due to weather conditions, and she dealt with many ups and downs before being able to go on and perform
  3. Shambhala Music Festival, at Salmo River Ranch, BC had some mixed communication about whether or not the show would actually go on due to nearby wildfires — a result that ultimately ended with many festival goers leaving early, and many artists not traveling to perform, despite the festival’s decision to reopen for its final day of the 20th anniversary when the grounds were deemed safe by rainfall

While all of this is completely out of her control, she reached out on Twitter to send a personal message specifically to her following that expected to see her at Shambhala (read below).

As the reality of mixed communication and mixed feelings about Shambhala’s decision to remain open linger in the air, it’s good to hear that Rezz loves Shambhala “fucking a lot.” And, the feeling is mutual.

The greediness inside of me wishes she was here to throw down at the Pagoda tonight, but ultimately her team made the safest and most sensible choice to advise her against travel, upon hearing the official cancellation statement from Shambhala Music Festival.

Send your good vibes to Rezz!

Rezz Note to Fans at Shambhala

Here’s some more insight, as well…