Porter Robinson and Madeon‘s project “Shelter” just celebrated its 1st birthday, but perhaps an even more prolific time in the former’s career is what put him on the map —¬†Worlds.

This month, we celebrate three years since the release of Worlds. What made the album so special is that it dug deeper than commercial EDM ever had before, into a perfect world that was all Porter’s own stunning creation — it revealed a special kind of beauty we hadn’t seen before.

Through intricate, layered synths, video gamey blips, incredibly original melodic tones, soft spoken voices, and creatively timed peaks, Worlds was truly ahead of its time but ever-so-perfectly described what our world needed to hear at the time.

Listening back, the first notes of “Divinity” play out like a kind, friendly reminder of everything that’s to come. From the uplifting chants in “Sad Machine,” to the Japanese inspiration behind “Flicker,” the flood of feelings that wash over as in “Sea Of Voices,” to the harder, bittersweet electro side on display in “Fellow Feeling” — this collection of music is a striking and timeless work of art.

Worlds changed our world as we know it forever, in an extremely remarkable way… Listen again!

Porter Robinson – Worlds