The prodigal sons DROELOE are back once again and better than ever. The bitbird duo has been putting out hit after hit with their future inspired sound which combines intricate writing and larger than life percussion that stands out as original, upbeat and all around catchy. This time returning with their latest single “Sunburn,” DROELOE impress with their newest single.

Featuring a heavenly top line that is infectious, not to mention abstract vocal chops and intriguing distortion of super saw lines that provides an air of something new and leaves your jaw dropped, “Sunburn” is a testament to DROELOE’s natural born talent for production. Gearing up for their new “A Moment In Time”¬†EP, this newest song is just a taste of what’s to come from the newcomers that are taking the electronic community by storm.

Check out the track below and get ready for a whole new world of DROELOE inspired sounds with their new EP set for release on August 22nd!