What a month it’s been for Avicii. His latest EP AVĪCI (01) has been tearing up the Spotify charts and the slew of videos he’s released over the last two days should only add to the growing hype. All in all the man’s dropped two lyric videos – for “Friend of Mine” and “Lonely Together” respectively in addition to a reaction video from friends that he sent out the ‘Avicii Musicbox’ too.

Best of all? It looks like the two music videos are actually interlinked, with the official title for the second music video “Lonely Together (Part 2 – Lyric Video) ft. Rita Ora.” Both videos feature similar characters, visual design, subtitles and the second one more or less picks up where the first left off.

The videos so far have appeared in the same order as the track listing has it. Hopefully, we can expect a more coherent story through the next few songs and a closed chapter by the time we hit “So Much Better (Avicii Remix)!”

Next up, is the cute video that Avicii shared of his Facebook comprised of social media stars taking videos of themselves ‘reacting’ to a surprise gift from Avicii – the ‘Avicii Musicbox!’ Some of these people might be familiar to you. Steve Aoki anyone? But there are also some social media stars in Jonolsen1 and cocielo in addition to the other musicians like DJ Tigerlily and Rita Ora – all while his newest feel-good anthem “You Be Love” plays in the background. Aww.

I sent out a musicbox teaser for the EP to some really great people around the world. Here are their reactions ❤

Posted by Avicii on Wednesday, August 23, 2017