Donatchi looks to be yet another Australian producer on the path to pop-EDM stardom. With strong technical production and beautiful bubblegum-y writing, the producer has a strong sense of melody while making the music sound coherent and interesting.

Donatchi’s latest release “Take Me” feat. Kady Rain is a true testament to the above statement. With cutesy arps, great pop arrangement, and how perfect Kady’s vocal is for this song, Donatchi did a stellar job on both writing and productione. Starting the track off with a large bass line, Kady’s vocal then shines in combination with the aforementioned arps. A two-step drum pattern highlighted with a bouncy bass line move the track forward, giving us the tracks chorus. If you’re into music that makes you feel good, this is definitely a track for you.

Listen to Donatachi’s “Take Me” featuring Kady Rain below!