An increasingly popular camping trend at Burning Man is equally as attractive as it is inventive — and now the revolutionary hexayurt is more portable than ever!

Out in the Black Rock Desert, the 70,000-person gathering is known to get hot and windy, so enhanced protection from the harsh elements is important. While many hexagonal structures have popped up across the playa, providing excellent stability and insulating factors, they can be quite a burden to haul and install.

Ever since first seeing one of the 1000+ hexayurts in the burning desert, Christian Weber has been racking his brain trying to perfect a more festival friendly, streamlined version.

“I couldn’t get the idea out of my head,” he tells Fast Company in a recent interview. “I started to think about [adapting] the walls of a hexayurt together so they fold up into one piece. I thought about doing it with fabric. I got my origami book out and did some drawings.”

His fresh perspective on the conventional hexayurt — the SHIFTPOD — is a fast, easy, and light, yet sturdy and insulated shelter that’s become a multi-million dollar business. The newly improved SHIFTPOD2, the amazing heavy duty, pop up shelter has just one catch — it will cost you about half of what an entire trip to Burning Man costs!

Shiftpod – A Night In The Desert

Shiftpod Setup  in 80 Seconds

Source: Fast Company