Most of our readers will know who Pegboard Nerds are by now, but who are Motopony? Well, Motopony are a band out of Seattle, WA, known for their melodic and experimental psych folk – yeah, you’re reading that right. Their sound lies along the border of Owl City and Radiohead, embodying that effortless pop sound with a more deep and introspective lyrical experience.

Band member Daniel Blue struggled for years on how to marry his band’s style and aesthetic with the dance music he was inspired by in his youth. His main frustration stemmed from the fact that he had a lot to say, and it had been ingrained in his psyche that dance music was not the forum for art with a message. To him, the two ideas were not compatible. Collaborating with Pegboard Nerds and writer/composer Elizaveta completely transformed Blue’s thinking.

As such, they came together and created “Free.” The track is brilliantly melodic and understated, something you would never expect from a duo like Pegboard Nerds; however, their production abilities clearly extend far beyond big drops and supersaws.

Check out “Free” below.