As much as the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll remains a key component of the EDM industry, more producers have begun to distance themselves from the poll. Everyone from Hardwell to Gareth Emery renounced the poll over the past few years, and the results tend to generate criticism, debate and even scorn.

In a new video interview with Line Out FM, KSHMR, one of the DJ Mag Top 100’s fastest rising stars, gives his honest thoughts on the poll. KSHMR explained that he initially criticized the poll because some of his favorite artists were ranked too low in his view, a common complaint among many critics of the poll. He admitted that he sees the poll more as a popularity contest, but became really touched when he first ranked on the poll, even thanking Spinnin’ Records for giving him a platform. He said while he sees himself more as a producer, the fact that he ranked on the poll meant many people enjoyed his music—a very humbling achievement for him.

KSHMR, who ranked 12 last year, has a viewpoint that is a breath of fresh air among the harsh criticism for the poll. Voting is currently open for the 2017 poll, and the results will almost certainly polarize fans yet again.

Watch KSHMR give his thoughts on the DJ Mag Top 100 poll and detail his collaborations, how he interacts with his fans and more below: