You may never expect the metalcore and EDM genres to intersect, but they surprisingly cross over every so often. Heck, EDM’s posterboy Skrillex sang as the frontman for From First to Last before producing dubstep. Now, it has been revealed one of EDM’s biggest stars also has a background in metalcore.

In a new interview with Billboard, Zedd revealed he once was a drummer for a metalcore band. And not just any metalcore band: his older brother Arkadi‘s band DIORAMIC. Zedd drummed for DIORAMIC from age 12 to 20, with the band becoming popular enough in Germany to necessitate touring—and Zedd and his older brother skipping school to tour. While eagle-eyed DIORAMIC fans may have noticed Zedd as the drummer, it’s a bit surprising this hasn’t become better known until now.

Will Zedd ever return to DIORAMIC, much like Skrillex returned to From First to Last? It remains to be seen, but for now you can watch a music video and live video of Zedd drumming for DIORAMIC below: