Honestly with Pendulum touring now, we forgot that Knife Party was still a thing.

But in the strangest of conditions, they’ve reminded us that they’re still a thing and they want to stay as relevant as possible. In the end credits for Season 3 Episode 6 of the show, a strange song called “TerryFold” is playing. Co-creator and voice of both Rick and Morty Justin Roilland remarked it would be great if the song could get air play, and the main Rick and Morty Twitter account replied, “Any radio stations / DJs follow us? Can we get some air play for TerryFold?”

Plenty of radio stations chimed in, ready to play the FCC compliant version of the song. What we weren’t expecting was for Knife Party to pipe up…

Who knew that Rob and Gareth were fans?

Listen to “TerryFold” below.


Featured image via Rukes.com