Music festivals are a lifestyle — an expensive one at that! If you’re balling on a budget, that doesn’t mean you have to necessarily cut back on doing what you love!

From volunteering, to working for a publication like Your EDM, or hoping one of your friends becomes a DJ, there are a number of ways to get hooked up wristbands. Here are some pro-tips, put in place by Dance Music North West that are sure to make your festival dreams come true!

  1. Volunteer: Work as festival staff in parking, security, box offices, artist hospitality, and more in exchange for a free or discounted ticket. Most music festivals will have a “volunteer” tab easily accessible on the official website for more info and applications. Mixing work with pleasure will pay off!
  2. First aid: There are also opportunities to help out in the medical area. If you love helping out fellow festival goers then this is an ideal option, whether you choose to aid with physical injuries, or simply talk someone through their trip.
  3. Save up: Duh. This is an important one though, because some people make the mistake of choosing a cheap festival rather than saving up for a more expensive, legit experience that can better you as an individual. Look up multiple events in various locations, and pick one that speaks to you, then stack that change!
  4. Work for a vendor: Bartend, brew coffee, serve up slices of pizza, or explore options selling merchandise and goods for brands you know and love. Most of the time you get a free pass for working shifts each day, and still have time to see some headlining acts.
  5. Be a promoter: Promotion companies will always have a need to sell tickets, no matter the event. In many cases you can sell a certain amount of discounted tickets to friends and get yours free. Whether you’re promoting for a third party or the festival itself, free tickets are a huge perk.
  6. Buy pre-sale tickets: Getting early bird passes can mean the difference between $50 – $100 in savings. Follow your favorite music festivals on social media, and sign up for email lists to get early access tickets. Don’t forget to set your alarm, because pre-sales go hella fast!
  7. Do your research: With an oversaturated market of music festivals, you’ll find many of the lineups will have some crossovers. Find the one(s) for you, with your favorite artists, or in areas of the world you haven’t explored. There are way less expensive options in less populated ares that might have exactly what you’re looking for.
  8. Be an intern: If you’re a college student, intern for a label, radio station, or any other entity in the music business that might have access to tickets and don’t be afraid to ask. Even if the internship is unpaid, the free tickets could be worth your time and effort.
  9. Work for a publication: Working for Your EDM is pretty dope. We work all day every day, writing about the music and festivals we love, which is rewarding in itself. On top of it, we can put it press/media/photo passes on behalf of our team members to make sure they get passes whenever they are available.
  10. Hope one of your friends becomes a DJ: Best-case scenario, you just know a DJ or someone who becomes a DJ. Or better yet, become one yourself. The more people you meet and network with, the more chances there are to get guest listed!


Source: Dance Music North West | Photo via aLive Coverage