With Apple’s keynote behind us, tech blogs and pundits alike have now taken to analysis of yesterday’s event and there’s a lot of new information to go through. Just in terms of phones, Apple announced three new models: the iPhone 8/8S and iPhone X. And for those with money, the iPhone 8 might as well have been announced last year, because the X exceeds it in every dimension.

Speaking of money though, let’s take a look at that pretty $1,000 price tag.

The base model for the phone, 64GB, retails at $999 USD. The more premium 256GB model retails at $1,149 USD excluding state and local sales tax. But outside of the US, those prices are going to look very different.

Here’s a small breakdown on what the price points are looking like for just the entry-level model, adjusted to $USD.

Hungary — $1,481
Italy — $1,425
Ireland — $1,413
India — $1,390
Germany — $1,376
U.K. — $1,325
China — $1,284
Australia — $1,269
Singapore — $1,225
Hong Kong — $1,099

Prices in the top three – Hungary, Italy, and Ireland – are excessively higher, and will have more taxes lopped on still after the fact. It might even be more economically feasible for some of these countries to travel to the US and buy the phone here.


via High Snobiety