There’s a good lesson that people looking to acquire illicit drugs should remember. Never label your drugs with your name and phone number. And if you’re going to do that, please don’t lose them. That might sound fairly obvious to some, but there are definitely people out there that could use the reminder.

Case in point, this man in Australia who inexplicably put his full name and address on a zip-lock bag filled with MDMA to remind, presumably his friends, who those drugs belonged to. Unfortunately, for our organized friend he was searched by police during a routine drug check at Maroochydore Music Festival in Queensland after being tipped off by a sniffer dog. The police soon uncovered the zip-lock bag which was properly labelled with his name, phone number, and exact amount of MDMA. Ouch.

The man is set to appear before the Maroochydore Magistrates Court last this month for drug possession charges.

H/T: In The Mix