In July of 2016, Tokyo Machine rocked the world with his ultra-kawaii brand of breaks for the first time. Though Monstercat‘s fanbase may not have know it at the time, “PARTY” would mark the start of an era, with the producer becoming one of the label’s all-time most popular artists. Within just 12 months of his debut, Tokyo Machine had loads of achievements to boast (insane numbers of organic play counts, a song in Rocket League, bookings at both EDC and Tomorrowland, the list goes on and on). While he could ride off of this success for – literal – years, Tokyo Machine has chosen to surprise fans with consistent quality music, managing to deliver a different theme with every release.

Tokyo Machine’s newest single, “BUBBLES,” is – without a doubt – the strangest track he’s ever worked on. Besides its wacky bubble and slurp samples, the song stands out by carrying an interesting blend of styles in a rather unconvential way. Though the “BUBBLES” falls primarily within the boundaries of breaks and electro, the layout pattern of the song extremely abnormal for a house track, having two clearly-stated drops toward the beginning of the track and a more soft-hitting halftime drop right at the end.

Though “BUBBLES” may not be Tokyo Machine’s most DJ-friendly release yet, it’s an easy standout in his discography that should definitely be taken note of. This could be the start of a new era for the producer, and we couldn’t be more excited about what he has in store for us.

Listen to “BUBBLES” and download the track below:

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