The latest episode of Rory Kramer’s MTV show Dare to Live centers around what it’s like when he’s hanging with The Chainsmokers.

Here’s a brief synopsis: While touring with his good friends The Chainsmokers, Rory takes the guys via private jet to his hometown in Indiana to give them the full lake-life experience, complete with reckless driving and an extreme game of slip and slide flip cup.

While a day on the lake seems pretty chill, these guys manage to make it entertaining. Rory and The Chainsmokers get into everything they possibly can in one regular sized day — reckless driving on backroads with an old car, getting pulled over by cops, conquering an epic slip-n-slide, and capping it all off with an epic show for the locals. In the midst of at their crazy antics, Rory gets serious about tour life.

Rory: “What drives you to keep you going at this constant pace of creating, and touring, and writing music?”

Drew: “It think it’s all we know. Every day we wake up and want to do what we do better. We also recognize we have this really crazy, cool, unique opportunity. We just want to respect it and do it as well as we can.”

Rory: “How do you guys not burn out doing this?”

Alex: “We work super hard at what we do, so just getting to take a day off like this — ’cause it really is consuming getting caught up in your job and the world your living in — kind of losing sight of the things that used to be important to you. Getting to do this is a really great feeling.”

Watch The Chainsmokers’ wild day off via MTV here: Dare to Live – Season 1, Episode 4

Image via MTV