Outlook Festival in Croatia concluded this past weekend without much incident, aside from the arrest of around 100 people for drugs, including cocaine and magic mushrooms, mainly in small quantities for personal use.

According to police, 11 French tourists were arrested along with eight from Belgium, six from Austria, five from Ireland and New Zealand, three each from Holland, Romania and the US and two from Japan. There were also one each from Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Portugal, Hungary, Denmark, Latvia and Poland.

The origins of the remaining 48 were not disclosed.

Cops say they seized 187g of marijuana, 39g of joints, four MDMA capsules, 27g of cocaine, 19g of hashish, 17g of magic mushrooms, 7g of ecstasy and an unspecified quantity of LSD.

Officers confiscated 616 pills and 129 balloons full of gas presumed to be nitrous oxide.

Police issued fines worth a total 516,666 kunas (£62,258).

Of those arrested were one 33-year-old British man and 25-year-old Irish man along with two Croatians aged 61 and 19 for paying unregistered taxi drivers in drugs.

Outlook featured headlining performances from DJ Shadow, Dizzee Rascal, and the Outlook Orchestra.


via The Sun