If you’re wanting to completely trip out today — just watch W&W x Vini Vici‘s official “Chakra” music video (no drugs necessary)!

Both acts have solidified their mainstage-worthy staying power over the years and this high energy collaboration is an exemplary representation of their massive impact on EDM. “Chakra” has already played out for some of the biggest crowds across the world, and with the official release its become an instant classic.

The epic blend of big room and trance takes you on a colorful, spiritual, and extremely psychedelic journey through visuals and sound. Literally falling through time, space, and other dimensions has never seemed so possible, as you become instantly hooked by the earth-shattering world of “Chakra.”

“Chakra” is out now on all platforms via W&W’s imprint Mainstage Music… Link to buy/listen:

W&W x Vini Vici – Chakra (Official Video)