When life throws you gold, you don’t refuse it. Recently the New Jersey based label Warpaint moved from Symphonic to Orchard distribution, a massive change for the label. We sat down with label head Kris Ware to find out more about the exciting news.

Q: How did you start Warpaint Records?

A: My brother, Jeffrey and I started Warpaint originally when we were playing online and college radio shows across New Jersey back in late 2014, inevitably launching in March 2015, from the artists that would send unreleased music to play on our weekly shows. From this was born the idea to create a community of artists that collectively would be stronger together, rather then apart. Through combining music, art, and writing into one linear medium we hoped to breath life into an oversaturated market and give these artists a fighting chance by all along helping them develop their brands and fine tune their skills. Soon after launch we brought on our partner and fellow artist, John Mullinix (Fomo), to help build upon this foundation and since we have expanded our scope and artist base releasing with everything from little known to internationally recognized acts, continuing to make it what it’s always been about, the music!

Q: When did you realize you needed a grander Distribution company?

A: I wouldn’t say so much that we realized we needed a grander distribution company, but obviously if a rare opportunity such as this would arise, from a strategic standpoint you should seize it. We’ve grown a lot in the past few years since launch, and this signing with Sony RED/The Orchard for distribution only signifies the start of a new chapter in our evolution as a record label and multi-faceted entertainment company.

Q: How did you link with Sony RED/The Orchard?

A: Well back in March of this year, I attended a Sirius XM event during Miami Music Week at Hotel 1 on South Beach where I was introduced to Brent Battles, Sony RED’s VP of Promotion & Artist Development, by Matthew Medney a colleague and close friend of mine. After returning from the trip I reached out to Brent and he made follow up introductions for us to Alan Becker, their VP of Product Development and eventually Bryan & Tyler from Black 17.

Q: How did you know they were the right fit?

A: After being brought in by Alan Becker to Sony RED’s office in New York City, meeting the team there and hearing what they were willing to offer laid out before us, it was a no brainer that this would be the right fit for us as a record label and our direction moving forward as a brand.

Q: What is Black 17?

A: Black 17 is our specialized team at Sony that works closely with us on each release to ensure the best chances for greater success through amplification of the services they provide to us on a case by case basis.

Q: What are you most excited for with this new Sony venture?

A: We are truly excited to have an opportunity to work with such a well versed and established entity like Sony, and the scope of where our releases will land moving forward will include components we have not yet been able to achieve before from a brand standpoint. For example, music videos, better placement for our music with regards to features and even additional promotion through digital sales outlets and streaming services that were not offered to us in our prior distribution deal.

Q: Which artists on your roster are you most excited about?

A: I can’t quite pick any one in particular, but rather we are excited to roll out all this new music we have ready from the likes of Noya, Purporangejuice, Madhatter & Boogie T, Fomo, MRNG, Control and English Lit, just to name a few. Another aspect moving forward we are truly excited for is the official launch of our management company and publishing house alongside the record label in this move to Sony. Through these new endeavors we hope to help the artists that have signed on with us for the long term to better develop their brands, find a central focus, work their music for placement in movies & television, and begin touring alongside their releases. A few projects I am especially excited about though do include a full length concept based album with a story that’s going to be told through concept art, music videos and animation from one of our rostered artists and a whole new side project combining two of our long time artists that brings a new dimension to experimental bass music the likes you’ve yet to hear.

Q: What should we all expect from this Sony x Warpaint Records partnership?

A: I have to begin this answer by saying that hands down this is some of the best music we have yet to release and with Sony’s support we seek to revolutionize people’s preconceived notions of us being predominately a bass music label into what we have always been meant to be, a multi-genre power-house movement. We expect to truly widen our scope with regards to how we release music beginning with exclusive content to include branded merchandise associated with releases, a whole new visual image aesthetic with cover artwork tailored to each artists brand, and even a few other secrets that will be revealed in the weeks to come. This move signifies a new page in the story of our history, thus solidifying our message: Originality is our Revolution and the Music is our Movement! I have one last question for you, is it in your blood?


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