As Cardi B climbs the charts with her hit single “Bodak Yellow,” many producers have began taking note of the success. Chomping at the bit for the opportunity to put their own twist on the tune, Nathaniel Knows and new comer SweetLick have given new life to the irresistible single. Normally known for his hard trap sound, Nathaniel Knows has drifted away from the norm and tag teamed a deep bass house sound with a hand from the mysterious new project SweetLick.

The track is a bootleg style remix, leaving plenty of room for the original tune to shine, while also switching it up enough to fit into an EDM set. Their remix complements the hip hop style and adds just a taste of deep bass flare to give shufflers exactly what they want. It will be interesting to see this tune take off, as it is the first release for SweetLick overall and Nathaniel Knows’ first house release. Nevertheless, the tune boasts quality production value found only in seasoned producers, so it begs the question “who is SweetLick” and how did they land a collab with a veteran artist. Their remix is available for free download, so grab yourself a copy.

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