You may be familiar with the producer Moglii as he has released with the likes of Majestic Casual and remixed some hot artists like Parcels and ANIMA!. You might have also heard about his full band called Moglebaum, and if you have heard of this band, you’d know that they have released a new track after a long hiatus from making music together. Let fans rejoice at the newest tune “Echo of Time“.

The track in its entirety is a slow build. From start to finish, there is an upward slope of building instruments, rising tensions, and crafty vibes. The tracks begins with a guitar noodle and subtle, laid-back beat. Dreamy vocals come in as the guitar noodling takes a backseat. The culmination of the track is a high energy chopped up variation of the earlier bits of the song that make you want to sway along with the kick. This song is infectious and you won’t want to put it down.

Check out the full track here: