Running a marathon is hard enough, but how about running an ultra marathon at Burning Man?? The ultra marathon at Burning Man happens every year, put on by the Pink Lightning camp on the playa, and Ryan Van Duzer just participated in his fifth event.

For those wondering, an ultra marathon is any race longer than a traditional marathon (meaning even a 27 mile race counts as ‘ultra,’ kind of underwhelming). The ultra marathon at the Burn is 50k, (31 miles) and consists of 4 laps around the perimeter of the Playa. And of course, if that wasn’t enough, the conditions of the Playa can be very harsh, especially when the sun comes up. Thankfully, the race starts in the middle of the night so at least there’s a bit of respite from the harsh rays.

This was Van Duzer’s fifth ultra marathon, meaning he’s run a total of around 150 miles on the Playa, truly an incredible feat. Watch his video from this year’s run below!