Are we living the EDM version of Groundhog Day? Just swap Bill Murray and the groundhog with Jai Wolf and Ghastly, add in some contemporary political discussion and you’ve got Hollywood’s next big hit.

Jai Wolf and Ghastly, along with a few other producers, have begun yet another political discussion on Twitter, this time centered on a tweet from Jai Wolf where he accused anyone of voting for Donald Trump as president to be “upholding white supremacy.”

After Jai Wolf posted some follow-up tweets addressing a fan who voted for Trump and doubling down on his claim that anyone who voted for Trump has at least helped to spread white supremacist rhetoric, Ghastly got involved by hinting that Jai Wolf started the debate on Twitter due to writer’s block and was “creating more racism” and “giving no solutions.”

Jai Wolf responded, Ghastly responded to the tweet chain, time is an endless circle, yadda yadda.

Meanwhile, Manila Killa posted a since-deleted tweet claiming white people were obsessed with being right, Hotel Garuda quoted Killa’s tweet and an artist manager took a screenshot of the tweet, but that was deleted too.

Then, Ookay got involved by calling Manila Killa’s deleted tweet racist and urging Jai Wolf to commit to action rather than “calling fans racist.”

Chet Porter chimed in to point out an eerie similarity between Ookay and Ghastly’s tweets.

Finally, Jai Wolf joined in once again to call out Ghastly and call him the Trump to his Colin Kaepernick.

Confused yet? The jury is out on whether or not this discussion will pop up yet again, but we have all learned a valuable lesson from this ordeal: politics can make EDM a headache.

From here, we’ll continue to add more tweets as they’re posted.