The troll of all trolls — deadmau5 of course — jumped on the chance to mess with the audience at Imagine Festival over the weekend after being provoked to “spam” the mic during his set.

Per the footage below, the producer got drunk off four beers and decided to accept the challenge. He took on the role of incredibly sarcastic, slightly unamused hype man and did his damnedest to make it count. What’s a deadmau5 set without a little trolling, anyway?

“They said I wasn’t spamming the mic enough… Put your f*cking hands up!” he laughed.

As his intro built, he inserted an out-of-place “1-2-3 jump!” often heard in DJ sets — and then a more off the grid exclamation, “I had a burger for dinner!”

Watch the hilarious deadmau5 moment below!

Deadmau5 Spams the Mic at Imagine Music Festival


Photo via Rukes