It hasn’t been six months since The Chainsmokers dropped their debut album Memories… Do Not Open, and they’re already teasing new music.

Unlike pop or rock stars, who when they drop an album will tour it for up to two years and then even potentially go years longer without new music, producers in the dance music world have a much quicker turnaround. Heck, The Chainsmokers just barely finished their US arena tour and now they’re headed to Europe, and they’re still making new music around the clock.

From past interviews, we know that Drew and Alex aren’t really interested in going back to their old roots of progressive house and pure EDM drops. So until we hear the new music at their shows on the road, we’re left to wonder what it will sound like, and will anyone still care?

You can find The Chainsmokers’ tour dates and tickets here.

H/T EDMSauce